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An additional 29.9 kWp PV system for the power supply of our TRIC production and administration facilities was installed on our new aluminum profile warehouse in Cölbe. The improved roof anchor TR fix S de luxe system with pre-glued neoprene seals was employed on the building’s trapezoidal sheet metal roof.

This new approach eliminates the laborious and time-consuming process of gluing neoprene seals onto the sheet high beads on-site, and thus valuable assembly time is saved. The short rail sections merely have to be positioned correctly and screwed to the trapezoidal sheet with self-tapping thin sheet screws. As usual, our proven TRIC Clip module fastener serves to reliably fasten the modules.

The experienced installation company G+H Solar GmbH carried out the installation of the system in record time, their site manager having been delighted with the short installation time: "The installation of the system went like a breeze!” he enthusiastically exclaimed when he and his fitters had completed the installation after merely 1 1/2 days.

Plant data:


Contractor (DC side): G+H Solar GmbH

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