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The large-area high-performance collector WGK AR with single or double glazing - ideally suited for solar process heat and local as well as district heating support.

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  • Straightforward connectivity
    95 - 120 m² of total collector surface can be directly coupled as a continuous row. No additional piping required, low pressure loss. Both diagonal and single-sided connection are possible.
  • Highest efficiency
    A self-emptying serpentine absorber with excellent stagnation characteristics ensures trouble-free operation.
  • Perfect for high temperature operation
    Single or double glazing with double-sided anti-reflective glass coating ensures superior performance with medium and high temperature applications. Combinations are also possible.
  • Time- and cost-saving assembly
    Collectors prepared for rational crane assembly. Significantly reduced installation times in combination with the sophisticated installation systems for free-standing installation and on-roof installation.

Up to 10% more solar yield!

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  • Anti reflective glass for especially high collector yield
  • Environmentally friendly and powerful vacuum coating (95 % absorption, emission 5 %)
  • Laser welded serpentine absorbers
  • nternal 22 mm copper riser and manifold pipe.
  • For vertical installation, up to 10 collectors in a row


Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.

Dear interested customers,
Up to this point, we have always tried to find you a suitable specialist company in your area. Due to the current high demand, many of our specialist companies have hardly any free capacity. Therefore, a mediation on the part of Wagner Solar can not take place at the moment. We ask for your understanding.

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