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Systems designed to optimize the fraction of self-used electricity. A system comprises an inverter package and a battery package

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The inverter package comprises:

  • with integrated battery charger
  • three independent MPP-Tracker
  • Intelligent energy management and battery management system.
  • Integrated communication- and monitoring package
  • with yield and consumption forecast

The battery package comprises:

  • BYD lithium-iron phosphate battery incl. data cable


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inverter packages

KOSTAL inverter packages PLENTICORE plus 4.2 PLENTICORE plus 5.5 PLENTICORE plus 7.0 PLENTICORE plus 8.5 PLENTICORE plus 10

P ACNenn (kW)

4,2 5,0 7,0 8,5 10

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battery package

BYD Battery-Box H5.1 6.4 H7.7 H9.0 H10.2 H11.5
Type Lithium-iron-phosphate
Usable energy (kWh) 5,10 6,40 7,68 8,96 10,24 11,52
Weight (kg) 122 148 174 200 226 252

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