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Abschluss unserer AzubisThe joy is great: In the current Germany test 2022 of Focus Money we reached the 3rd position in the solar technology category. The Deutschlandtest seal is awarded by Focus and Focus Money magazines. The study is conducted by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research.

The evaluation of brands is carried out across a number of different dimensions. From the customer's point of view, however, it eventually comes down to a simple quintessence: Is the brand the best in the market? The "Germany's Best" study analyzes social listening data for around 22,000 brands and companies. Social listening examines customer opinions from numerous sources on the Internet. Companies that perform particularly well in this most extensive largest survey of customer reviews receive an award.

We are delighted to have made it onto the winners' podium in the Olympus of consumers, and we see it as an incentive to be a strong anchor for solar enthusiasts in search of guidance!