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Panasonic N3xxKJ01 Panasonic announces release of new black back sheet solar module The HIT® KURO, for design oriented house owners

Ottobrunn, January 15, 2018 — Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe today introduced its newest product innovation, the HIT® KURO (“kuro” is the Japanese word for “black”). With a 325 Wp and a 320 Wp version, this module has a uniform dark appearance. Boasting a module efficiency of 19.4% (for the 325 Wp version), the panel is a perfect fit for most residential rooftops. The new “all-black” panel is backed by Panasonic’s track record as an industry leader in reliability within the renewable energy field. Designed to offer optimal efficiency and stylish aesthetics, the HIT® KURO photovoltaic module will blend in seamlessly with most rooftops and begins cutting electricity bills for customers from the moment that they’re installed and start to operate.

The new “all-black” design allows house owners to benefit from multiple advantages:

- A pleasing design: not only the cells and back sheet, but also the frame is completely black. The better aesthetical integration on the roof guarantees a higher degree of acceptance of solar photovoltaics and hence helps maximise the potential number of customers..

- A high efficiency: with a module efficiency of 19.4 % (325 Wp) ranges on the highest level in efficiency amongst full-black photovoltaic modules in the market. Anti-reflection glass helps increase the energy absorption, while the upper and lower silver connections have been replaced by black tabs, instead of a extra layer of tape or black tedlar, minimizing the efficiency loss versus the white-backsheet equivalent and reducing the risk of cell micro cracks due to lower laminate thickness.

- An excellent yield: By investing in the HIT® KURO, house owners can maximize their energy yield due to the low temperature coefficient of only -0.258 %/°C. Even at high temperatures, the HIT® solar cell can maintain higher efficiency than a conventional crystalline silicon solar cell. This is particularly relevant for “all-black” modules, where heat absorption is greater. The HIT® KURO delivers best-in-class performance when most electricity is generated, in summer. This is particularly relevant in hot climates, making the HIT® KURO the best pick amongst “all-black” modules

- The HIT® KURO introduces the next generation of the HIT® solar module frame with 40 mm thickness. It can withstand a wind and snow load of 5400 Pa and is officially cleared for short-side clamping. This new generation retains Panasonic’s unique water drainage corners at glass level, ensuring a better self-cleaning of the module and a better long-term perfomance due to minimised soiling and accumulation of dust.

The HIT® solar cell is made of a thin monocrystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This product provides the industry's leading performance and value using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. As well as having high efficiency, HIT® modules are also renowned for their unparalleled reliability – Panasonic is proud to state a failure rate of only 0.0037 % out of almost 4 million solar modules produced for Europe (as of June 2017).

Panasonic’s robust manufacturing process also provides installers and consumers additional value through an extended product warranty of 25 years. Panasonic’s test criteria are among the toughest in the industry, ensuring long-term safe operation over many years.

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