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Overview of TRIC for Solar Collectors

To assure that your solar installation will reliably provide you with heat for at least 20 years, it is important to optimally orient and durably mount the collectors. The TRIC mounting system, thought out to the last details, gets along with very few components while going easy on your roofing and facade. Together with the respective ideal orientation, TRIC takes care of durable installations and high yields.

From Clever Components...

P Alu Hvn Top web 1

Roof brackets

P Alu Hvn

The roof bracket with its multi directional adjustability perfectly adjusts to every roof type.
Montageschiene mc web

Mounting rail


Only one rail for each type of installation.
Kollekorklemme web

Solar collector clamp


Simple TOP-mounting from above. All fixing components for the solar collectors are accessible from above and therefore can be easily reached.

... elaborate systems emerge.

Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.