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The ECOshower shower drain, including its heat exchanger, has a very low installation height and is simply integrated into the shower tiling.
In addition to the flexible placement, direct wall mounting is possible with wall flange installation.
No matter whether in a single family home or a large sports arena – ECOshower offers the optimal solution for every application need.

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Shower Drain 810 H for tiles
  • approx. 56% energy savings*
  • Can be combined as required
  • Barrier-free installation, level with floor
  • High quality
  • Modern and timeless design
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Shower Drain 800

ECOshower shower drains can be cleaned with a few hand movements. After removing the stainless steel cover, the heat-exchanger spiral is directly accessible for cleaning. If required, it simply can be hosed off or cleaned with a brush.


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*NEN 7120, 12,5 l/min

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Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.

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