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The Project

Through private contacts we became aware of a village in Gambia which, like so many, severely suffers from a lack of safe water supply. The situation has prompted us to launch a long-term donation and technical assistance project to improve the living conditions of the villagers. This is our first step. The people living in Brikamading, on the banks of the Gambia River, suffer from chronic diseases due to microbially contaminated river water and poor hygienic conditions. The river serves as a lifeline for them: it supplies them with water for drinking, cooking and bathing. To make things worse, the schistomosiasis ridden water additionally is polluted by fertilizer seeping into the river water from the regions rice fields.

Brikamading is only one of many villages with similar problems, but in this case at least we can create change and set an example by improving the living conditions in and around the village Initially, we will set up a robust water pumping system with the necessary accessories, powered by twelve PV modules.

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The assembly on site

The preparations of our project "Clean Water for Brikamanding" could finally start.

The people in the village of Brikamanding dug the trenches for the PVC pipes, which were laid 1m deep. Water basins have been installed in six different places in the village, every compound has a tap stand. For the first time the village had good drinking water from a closed well.

The borehole had to be drilled 48 meters deep, before there was a good aquifer. From the well the water is pumped into two 2000 litre tanks, that stand on a 7 meter high tower. From the tower the water flows to six tap stands. Each tap stand has a pipe, that leads the water that is spilled, to two banana trees. In this way it’s possible to grow banana, before it was not.

At a central location, the water tower with two 2000 litre tanks, was put together by the welder and solar modules were installed on the frames. To prevent animals from destroying the installation, the area is secured by a fence.

Not only the inhabitants of Brikamanding and Concreto are happy with the clean drinking water. The people of the surrounding villages, that work on the rice fields, can and will also benefit from the water supply. One of the tap stands is placed close to the rice field for the workers. They were used to take 20 litres of water to the rice fields to drink, now they have good water available and don’t have to carry their own water to the fields!

The inauguration of the Brikamanding project was a big event for all the inhabitants of Brikamanding and surrounding areas, many government people were present for the opening and all tasted the excellent water and a goat that was offered for the inauguration!

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