TRIC Mounting Systems for Solar Installations

TRIC – the TÜV certified Mounting System for Your Solar Installation

solid. simple. smart


Quality - Made in Germany

Durably mounting solar modules makes high demands on design and quality of the mounting system. With it’s versatile TRIC range of mounting systems Wagner Solar offers the perfect solution for all your solar panel installations.



TRIC mounting systems stay on the roof and stand up for what they promise. This is underscored by the consequent use of high quality material like aluminum and stainless steel, the official type approval of relevant components and the independent TÜ certification. TRIC is jointly developed by Wagner Solar and Frankensolar and manufactured in Germany.


A clearly arranged product family, the TRIC hallmark is its built-in construction kit intelligence. A few standardized components quickly become optimized solutions for mounting challenges on all roof types. For installers this means faster and easier installations.


TRIC convinces with thought out components and clever details. Take for example the Aluminum roof bracket with its triple adjustability, or the patented module fastener TRIC clip that allows for an even faster and still simpler module installation.

TRIC  - for the safe module installation of solar power systems

TRIC - for the safe collector installation of solar thermal systems