How Does Solar Heating Work?

The Most Direct Route to Clean Energy

Solar heating is the cost-efficient and environment-friendly direct conversion of solar radiation into heat energy.

Solar heating uses solar energy to heat water. It works by solar collectors absorbing the rays of the sun, converting them to heat, thereby heating a fluid in the collectors. Through a pipe the fluid transfers the energy to a storage tank.  

The solar collectors developed by Wagner & Co are among the highest-yielding in Europe.

The absorber coating

A simple black tinted absorber loses about 88% of the captured heat by long-wave emissions. Wagner solar collectors only loose  5%.

Special glassantireflex

Glazings of highly transparent glass, partly with nano-technical surface finishing, let up to 96% of the solar radiation pass into the collector.

Optimized heat storages

The heat produced passes through a pipe and a heat exchanger into the solar storage tank filled with water. The heated water is available round the clock in the kitchen, bathroom and for space heating support.

"The Blue Angel"*, test wins and recycling

Many Wagner Solar system components have been awarded “Blue Angels”, the oldest German environmental certification for ecologically sound products and services. Our solar packages have won many competitions. After their long service lives they are completely recycled.

          * "The Blue Angel": Eco label 

So, harness the sun together with one of the most efficient providers in the industry. Your solar installation is a marker for the environment and coming generations. Energy savings and support funding programs available in many countries make it an attractive proposition.



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