Solar Heating Technologies

Renewable Energies are Secure and Inexhaustible

Solar heating technologies are proven, safe to use and cost-efficient.

  • Almost CO2-neutral water and space heating
  • Unaffected by gas and oil price moves
  • Environment- and resource-friendly
  • Low entry costs, solid savings
  • Good support and funding conditions in many countries
  • Active contribution to the energy turnaround
  • Limitless energy from the sun

We produce and supply solar heating systems for private users, public facilities and commercial users. 

  • Small water heating systems
  • Combined water and solar space heating systems
  • Collector packages
  • Customized large scale installations
  • All system components available as individual products


Fossil energy sources are becoming scarcer and ever more precious. The crude oil price has almost quadrupled in the past 20 years, while the sun is limitless and will continue to shine for all free of charge. Wood is a regrowable, affordable resource.



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