Solar Space Heating System COMBI line

Domestic Hot Water Preparation and Space Heating Support in Single- and Double-Family Homes

Economical and convenient 
The efficient solar heating system saves up to 30% of gas and fuel. It delivers high output rates at constant temperature. You can combine the solar system with other heating systems like pellet, oil or gas boiler. 



German independent test institute rated:
In its October 2010 edition the Ökotest magazine reported on the organization’s testing of 17 combined solar heating systems from well known manufacturers. Our COMBI line SH 1440 AR was one of two rated “excellent” overall.

"Stiftung Warentest": Test winner "Testsieger" 03/2009 was the COMBI line SH 1440 solar package with six laser-welded EURO L20 AR flat plate collectors and solar controller SUNGO SXL.

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Annual energy savings in gas or oil as a percentage (13 solar systems in the test)

Combination storage cylinder and convection brake

The TERMO tank-in-tank combination storage cylinder is especially compact and outstandingly insulated by 120-mm polyester fiber fleece. The patented convection brake CONVECTROL noticeably reduces storage losses at the connections. COMBI line solar systems are available in various packages meeting individual requirements.  

Scope of supply

COMBI line packages for solar water heating and space heating support:

  • 4 to 6 solar collectors EURO L20 AR or EURO L20 MQ AR
  • 1 collector installation kit
  • 1 combination storage system TERMO
  • 1  solar circulator CIRCO with expansion vessel set
  • 1 solar controller SUNGO
  • 1 solar fluid DC 20
  • Collector assembly: on-roof, in-roof of free-standing (EURO L20 MQ AR no in-roof racking)

Your specialized installer will gladly advise you in choosing the COMBI line solar heating package that’s just right for you. 



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Anti-reflection glass sunarc®

Up to 10% more solar yield! 

Advantages of the special nano structure

  • reduces reflection considerably
  • raising the 91% transmission rate of normal solar glass to 96%
  • especially effective with the slanted irradiation that often occurs during winter months
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