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Solar Heating Systems

Perfectly Fine-Tuned Interplay of All Components 

Wagner Solar is a leading European collector manufacturer. For more than 30 years we offer perfectly fine-tuned and durable system components for all requirements - from solar collector through assembly systems  and solar controller to storage tanks. Highly customer focused warranty conditions complete the advantages of our systems.

Save money with the solar heating systems from Wagner Solar:

  • up to 70% annual energy saving with hot water systems 
  • up to 30% annual energy saving with solar heating systems 

It´s good to know!

The solar heating systems can be combined with all common heat generators, such as oil, condensed gas or pellet boilers of all known renowned brand manufacturers.

Solar thermal applications from Wagner come in all sizes and for all requirements:

  • for private homes
  • for public buildings
  • for business
  • for agricultural applications 



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