Solar Collector EURO L20 AR

The Highest-Yielding Solar Collector

Our EURO L20 AR is a flat plate collector fitted with sunarc® anti-reflection glass. It delivers up to 10% more energy than collectors with conventional solar glass.

The EURO L20 AR is one of Europe’s highest-yielding solar collectors.

Application options of the EURO L20 AR solar collector:

  • Solar hot water preparation and space heating support
  • Single and multi family homes
  • Simple planning and installation of larger systems
  • Outstandingly suited to low sunshine regions


Test-winning quality

The top of the range EURO L 20 AR solar collector has impressively demonstrated its performance. It’s a major component of Wagner & Co’s COMBI line SH 1440 AR solar package which has time and again won comparative testing of solar installations by “Stiftung Warentest”, a German consumer testing agency, and in 2010 it was rated “excellent” by the German eco-consumer organization, Ökotest, which focuses mainly on environmental aspects of products.

  • Technologically mature 
    A premium product with top ratings in performance, quality and durability. The outcome of more than 30 years experience in developing and producing solar collectors.
  • High-yielding
    The highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection glass, a laser-welded absorber with optimal heat transfer and the seamless all-round insulation ensure top yields.
  • Durable
    High-end materials like solar safety glass, EPDM rubber glass sealing, aluminum and copper and conscientious workmanship ensure long durability.
  • Allrounder
    The EURO L20 AR solar collector is adaptable to all local needs – fitted vertically or horizontally, on-roof, in-roof, in façade or free-standing. Fast and safe installation with our TRIC racking system, certified by TÜV, the internationally operating German Technical Inspection Association.
  • Fast to rack
    The EURO L20 AR is easy and fast to rack with innovative joining elements and needs very little maintenance.



Installing the EURO L20 AR solar collector:

  • Standard up to five collectors in series
  • Vertical or horizontal on-roof, in-roof or stand-alone racking 

EURO L20 AR technical features:

  • Collector frame of aluminum anodized silver or black
  • Environment-friendly and high-performance vacuum coating
  • Homogenous streak-free look thanks to laser welding and single plate absorber surface
  • Highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection glass increases heat yield by up to 10%  


Up to 10% more solar yield with sunarc® anti-reflection glass!

The special nano structure of the inner and outer surface of sunarc® anti-reflection glass reduces reflection considerably, raising the 91% transmission rate of normal solar glass to 96%. The improvement is especially effective with the slanted irradiation that often occurs during winter months.


EURO L20 AR Technical data
Collector surface Gross area 2,61 m² / Aperture area 2,36 m²
Format (L x W x H) 2151 x 1215 x 110 mm
Glass cover Highly transparent sunarc®
anti-reflection glass, τ = 96 %
Absorber Laser-welded single surface absorber with selective vacuum coating; α = 95 %; ε = 5 %
Specific values η0 = 84,8 %; a1 = 3,46 W/m²K; a2 = 0,0165 W/m²K²; annual yield: 521 kWh/m² (ITW 5 m²)
Encasing and frame Aluminum with seamless frame insulation and 60 mm rear wall insulation
Weight 48 kg