Pellet Heating with Pellet Boiler XILO

Burn Wood Pellets for Climate-Friendly Heating

Burning pellets in a central heating system* is especially sparing of the environment because pellets give off only as much CO2 as the trees they are made of absorbed. As the heart of the pellet heating system and central component of the clean heating packages, our innovative XILO pellet burning boiler is the ideal complement to a solar space heating system.

Fully automatic and convenient

Our proven and reliable XILO pellet boiler is available in four capacities. Its clearly designed control panel and the long intervals between cleaning make it especially customer-friendly.


Durable advantages

Heating with pellets makes ecological sense and frees you from oil or gas deliveries and their rising costs. Pellets sourced from sustainable domestic forestry also secure regional jobs.

The pellet boiler XILO is eminently suitable for nearly all single- and double family homes. A large range of system options as well as advice, planning and installation by trained specialists assure optimally customized systems and trouble-free operation. 

Convenient control

After installation the operational effort drops to an absolute minimum. Ignition, combustion control, heat exchanger cleaning and ash expulsion happen inconspicuously and automatically. The energy yield stays durably high. That’s good for the environment and for the household budget.



*Pellet technology only available in  Germany 

Scope of supply

XILO pellet boiler packages:

  • 1 pellet boiler XILO
  • 1 boiler circulator
  • 1 boiler safety group
  • Thermal process safeguard (XILO 21 and 26)


XILO pellet boiler packages XILO 10 XILO 15 XILO 21 XILO 26
Performance range kW 3,0 - 9,9 4,4 - 15 6,3 - 21 7,5 - 25,9
Efficiency % 93,2 92,7 92,8 92,9
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1028 x 732 x 1463 (without suction system)
1028 x 732 x 1745 (with suction system)
Weight (kg) 333 333 344 344
Accessories Suction system for automatic pellet transfer to the furnace from a bunker or fabric silo