ECOshower - heat recovery from shower water

Heat recovery for doubled showering pleasure!

Responsible consumers are increasingly interested in reasonable ways to save energy and thus money. Recovering the heat of shower waste water, is a very efficient way of sustainable energy technology.

ECOshower can reduce energy consumption by 60 %!

A family of four can easily cut its gas consumption by 180 m³ a year or save 1200 kWh of electricity), comfortably, while taking a shower. For comparison: A typical adult consumes about 95 m³ of gas or 500 kWh of electricity each year in the shower.


Heat recovery from shower water – how does it work?

We only utilize between 20 and 25% of the shower-water heat, while the bulk literally goes down the drain. This is where the modern and comfortable ECOshower systems pitch in. The heat energy of the draining water is intercepted by a heat exchanger located below the pleasingly designed stainless steel shower drainage. It is then used to pre-heat the cold tap water.



By using ECOshower you can almost halve the amount of energy you use when showering. With no loss of comfort.

A choice of three ECOshower showering systems with heat exchanger is available:

Shower Drain ECOshower

approx. 48% energy savings*

Visually appealing, modern and timeless design. Flush-floor and barrier-free installation provides freedom of design, primarily for private and larger shower installations.


Shower Tray ECOshower

approx. 48% energy savings*

Integrates the heat recovery into a high-quality shower tray - predominantly for private bathrooms.


Shower Pipe ECOshower

approx. 60% energy savings*

For even greater efficiency, primarily for residential and commercial sanitary applications.


Shower Collector ECOshower

approx. 36% energy savings*

Specifically for deployment in large shower installations, such as community showers at swimming pools, sports centers, gyms. Due to the high water throughput ECOshower is especially rewarding here.


*nach NEN 7120, 12,5 l/min

Get yourself your ECOshower shower system!
Ask your installer for our sustainable shower systems. They will be happy to advise you on how you to save money while showering in the future.



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