Sustainable Technology Transfer

Supporting Social and Ecological Activities Worldwide

Transfer of ecological energy technology

In many parts of the world access to energy is not a given like it is in developed countries. Energy not only means light and heating, but can also open access to clean water, healthy foods, education, health and mobility.

In all places without a power grid or where it doesn’t work reliably, local communities can start from scratch altogether differently - renewable, decentralized and democratic.

The energy supply can be made sustainably available at affordable cost to every member of society.

This growth of local infrastructure must be driven and shared mainly by the people living in these countries. But we can share our technical and organizational knowledge about renewable energies to provide sustainable energy solutions for ever more people.


Solar pump system from Wagner Solar:

Access to clean water is a fundamental need - and a human right. Installing a solar pumping system can clearly raise the quality and availability of potable water in a village community.


Wagner Solar has supported sustainable development projects in Africa and Asia by sharing technology and knowhow

Solar Power for Africa

Solar Power and Hot Water for Orphanage in Tanzania

The donated project was carried out in spring 2012:

  • An off grid solar power system with 2.4 kWp electricity output
  • A solar pumping outfit delivering water from a 60 m deep well
  • A state of the art solar hot water installation (SECUterm) with 200l-storage tank covers the hot water demand in the kitchen 

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Sustainable Projects

Here is an extract of our sustainable projects in which not only technology but also the passion of our employees involved is included. In some countries we have been active for many years.

Sustainable projects